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Snacks Processing Systems - Basic to Finish products

Potato - Corn - Tortilla - Casava - Taro - Chips line

Osmotic drying and Vacuum Fried Chips system

Dehydrated and Freeze-dried fruit chips system

Fabricated & Three-dimensional chips processing

Extruded & Sheedted Direct Fried Snacks system

Noodle snacks processor

Pellet processing, frying, and seasoning line

Ready-made pellet (Die or sheet cut design)

Raw materials (Potato, Cereals, Multigrain)

Various extruders (Friction disc - Twin screw)

Grain puffing and rice cracker snacks line

Nuts frying, roasting, blanching, and coating systems

Nut brittle processing line 

Snacks coating and seasoning systems

Liquid and Slurry-spray applicators

Auger dispenser and Electrostatic applicators

Belt feed seasoner for dry materials

Vibratory feed seasoner for hygroscopic materials

Batch and continuous coating drums

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