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Further processing systems

Deskinning - Deboning - MDM systems

Meat flaking - Dicing - Cubing - Slicing systems

Marination - Injectors - Vacumn tumblers

Piston and Vacummn filler (sausages)

PAtties and Nuggets forming machines

Ham processing and cooking - smoking ovens

Belt and Drum breading machines

Batch and Continuous frying systems

Freezing, searing and grill mark branding machine

Seafood full line processing machines

Bowl cutters and Micro-cut emulsifier

Coating - Pre dusting - Batter applicators

Smoking - Steam - Drying ovens

Liquid nitrogen - Co2 - Blast - IQF spiral freezers

Seafood canning systems

Assorted vegetable slicers

Tofu processing

Complete line for ready meals

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